What’s It All About?

Take the lead and learn what it takes to win at life.

This powerful program offers practical insights to help you maximize your potential every single day of the year. Each day, you will have access to fresh content and innovative coaching resources designed to transform you and those you influence.

If you are serious about going to the next level personally and professionally, then you’re invited to journey with Life Strategist Dr. Cindy Trimm and her coaching team on an epic, destiny-driven adventure for the next 52 weeks!

“It is possible for everyone to design and live an extraordinary, successful, and prosperous life. You can find your passion, conquer your fears, and live your life with resolve! Successful people challenge themselves to grow and employ every available resource to achieve their goals."

—Dr. Cindy Trimm

Executive Life Coaching Course Modules

Personal Success

  • Crafting Your Vision
    The focus is on inner-exploration in order to better understand your natural passions and harness your innate drives and motivators. From there you will sketch your own life portrait to create a powerful vision of what you want to achieve and ultimately the leader you want to become.
  • Leveraging Your Strengths
    With a focus on optimizing your health by taking control of your personal habits, you will learn how to maximize your personal power to transform your life physically, mentally, and emotionally—spirit, mind, and body.
  • Clarifying Your Strategy
    You will develop the skills needed to strategically set and successfully accomplish your personal and professional goals. You will learn how to effectively harness the power of goals to create any desired outcome without fail.

Professional Success

  • Freeing Your Finances
    Join the 5% of individuals who can afford to retire at age 40. Using winning financial strategies, you will develop a personalized game plan to reach financial freedom. This area of empowerment contains “inside information” gleaned from America’s top financial experts that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Revolutionizing Your Relationships
    Enhance your ability to create and manage high quality professional relationships. Whether those are colleagues, coworkers, bosses, subordinates, or customers, you will learn how to make the most of every relationship.


  • Harnessing Your Time
    Learn the secrets of greater productivity by unlocking the keys to maximizing your time every single day. Gain the personal insight and practical skills you need to develop and implement a framework for successful time management.

Business Success

  • Establishing Your Brand
    Discover what makes a magnetic personal or company brand. These keys to brand development will transform the way you approach your messaging to maximize the return on every investment you make in yourself and your business.
  • Negotiating Your Networks
    Networking is the most influential and widely used marketing tool by successful entrepreneurs and executives across the board. Learn how to build your platform by taking advantage of these relationship-building insider secrets.


  • Communicating for Maximum Results
    Master the art of communication. You will learn how to boost your business and bolster your staff, as well as optimize your own performance at work. Communication to business success is what location is to real estate sales.

Leadership Success

  • Becoming a Thought Leader
    Becoming a thought leader enables managers and executives to meet today’s challenges head on. You will gain new clarity, commitment, and collaborative strategies in the art of leading organizational change.
  • Learning for Lifelong Empowerment
    Leaders must continually expand their capacity through continuous learning. Because leaders are readers, you will explore how to read for greater speed and retention. You will learn how to master various techniques of mind mapping, neural sculpting, and flow.


  • Building Your Legacy
    Learn how to leave a legacy of leadership success for generations to come. You will learn how to become an effective mentor, how to replicate yourself for greater impact, and how to empower the next generation to achieve more than our generation thought possible.

What Leaders Are Saying

“I highly commend Cindy Trimm for this vital contribution, and I hope millions will benefit from its time-tested eternal truths.”
— Dr. Myles Munroe

“Dr. Cindy Trimm is a profound and prolific communicator of truth.”
— T.D. Jakes

“I believe Dr. Cindy Trimm’s innovative, practical, and compassionate approach to the world of problems we face has established [her] as a friend to mankind…”

The Honorable Paula Ann Cox, JP, MP

— Premier of Bermuda

“Dr. Cindy Trimm brings a broad preparation of life to assist any leader as their life strategist. Known internationally for her business, educational, political, and spiritual prowess, Dr. Trimm is a gift to those who want to unwrap and partake of the gift within. It is my honor to recommend Dr. Cindy Trimm to you as your life strategist.
— Dr. Samuel R. Chand

“Dr. Trimm gave me tools for a no nonsense approach to repair, rebuild, and refine my life by simplifying, clarifying, and otherwise dissecting the major issues faced by leaders like myself. As a result of exploring and understanding my innermost drives, I awakened hidden talents that have launched me on a journey of spiritual, relational, financial, and emotional growth.”
— Dr. B. Dillon, DDS